February 21, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Evening! I am rushing (as usual) to go to a party at a friends house so I will make this fast!

Today consisted of me over-sleeping and rushing to work at 10am. Worked till 4, then hurried home to get a run in with my dad before the sun went down. We live 1.7 miles from the bay and it is a beautifulllll run. Just really cold. I mean like 20 something degrees with wind cold. AHHH! It was a really enjoyable run though...my dad is 55 and obvi. slower than me...haha sorry dad! but i loved it and having someone to chat with made the total of 3.1 miles fly by! I love my dad:)

Next up was the gym where I did 1 Hour of cardio ( no arm eliptical, incline treadmill, and stairmaster) & abs and back ( 4 exercises per muscle group). Yay! I felt like lately my cardio has been slacking so it felt good to sweat today.

Tomorrow my sister, dad, and I are going to one of my favorite places ever....CAMPMORE!!!! It has everything a backpacker could ever want. WOOHOO! I have a gift card so I intend to spend it alllll tomorrow.

I'm off to the party....have a good night :)!!!

"I get by with a little help from my friends..."-the beatles

(my crazy friends and I on my 21st this past summer)

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