February 26, 2009

i heart zumba

Dancing seriously makes me the happiest girl ever! I started dancing when I was two and took jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip hop, & tap until my competitive high school cheerleading schedule took over and I had to stop. I honestly miss taking classes sooooo bad! A couple years ago, I found the solution to my problem---- ZUMBA TO THE RESCUE!

My friend & I headed to the gym early to do some things before the class (me-RUN biceps & triceps, her-legs) Today was a light run day for me, I did 2 miles...Here are my stats:

Time: 17:20 seconds
Calories: Approx. 215
Pace: 8:39/mile

It was an okay run, not the best not the worst. I then did some bicep and tricep weight lifting (4 exercise per muscle group) then we headed to ZUMBAAA! It was so fun today...I love it when the class is packed and cheering-HAPPY!!!!

Afer Zumba, I hurried home to make some fruit juice which conisted of: melon, mango, grapes, apple, & strawberries. It was okay---a little sour to my liking-should have added another apple to make it sweeter. Oh welll....

Tonight my best friends and I just hung out watching tv and chatting (some red wine might have been involved haha!!). I just got home a little while ago and am ready for bedddd.

I think I am running outside with my Dad in the morning on our usual route (5k distance). Then some errands, a DEFINATE trip to the gym, shopping for a cute outfit for my friends bday bash saturday night?!, and workie work from 4-10.

Fast still is going well if you are wondering :). I'm going to hop on the scale tomorrow to see if there is a change. I feel more energetic, motivated, and just plain old happier since starting the fast! LOVE ITTTT!

Question for you bloggers: What are your FAVORITE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT staples in your everyday diet. I'm going food shopping within the next couple days and want to try new things! Keep in mind -I don't have a Whole Foods, Greenwise, Trader Joe's or ANY of the sort near my home (ohh the perks of living in the middle of nowhere LOL). HELP!

Nighty Night :)


  1. ooh i have GOT to try zumba!! it sounds like so much fun. definitely staples are oats, flax, almond butter/pb, and agave nectar. eat that combo almost every single day!

  2. I have always wanted to try zumba, but I am not a dancer and it seems like all the people that REALLY love zumba are dancers. I wish they had a beginners zumba or "zumba for the uncoordinated". A few of my staples: apples, bananas, almonds, , and dried fruits.