February 23, 2009

To Fast or not to Fast that is the question?

So if you read the title of this post you have probably already guessed that my fast hasn't really gone as planned. I did manage to juice fast from friday morning to saturday night- then I decided since I was going out to a party (ALCOHOL + only juice= one very drunk dana) I would just eat some substance to not make myself sick. I had some random things- lean cuisine, pretzels, dried fruit, bannana chips, peanuts. I may be forgetting some things I consumed in a drunken stuper at 4am when I finally got home. BLAH!

Because of my botched juice fast, I also ate yesterday along with NO GYM (AHHH). I can totally relate to Angela from Oh She Glows about the "All or Nothing" thinking when it comes to dieting, healthy eating, and exercise. I always am thinking "I already ate unhealthy yesteday, so today I will just eat whatever I want" etc. I need to learn how to stifle these mind games I play with myself...arghh.

Thankfully, I ate something a bit more healthy and fufulling than the un-satisfying eats above. I decided to make the Creamy Carrot Soup from Cooking Light Magazine. It turned out fabulous! I added a bit more spice to the soup and A LOT more pepper (I'm slightlyyy obsessed with pepper). My family all loved it as well! We all really enjoyed the creamy yet light consistancy and it was surprisingly filling! At only 180 calories per serving, I'm hooked!

Here is my bowl along with a piece of fresh toasted wheat bread w/ earth balance buttah!

Note: Please excuse my awful pictures. My poor camera is on its last leg. Neeeed a new one but my cash flow does NOT care about what I need!

While watching the oscars last night, (LOVEEEE THE FASHION) I made a big spread of fruits and veggies with hummus to munch on. Not satisfied, I had a small bowl of raisins, peanuts, and Kashi Autumn Harvest. ANDDDD a 100 calorie bag of Kettle Corn Popcorn. That seemed to do the trick!

Since Juice Fast Part II had been cut short...I have decided to try AGAIN starting today. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really want to complete at least one more week of Juice Fasting. I really can't describe how amazing I felt while doing my last fast...but all I know is that I crave that healthy feeling & WILL be successful in this attempt- I PROMISE!

Today I had classes from 11-3:30 which weren't too horrifying haha. Thank God. I plan on some veggie juice sometime in the near future.

My 5K training schedule calls for a run today, I'm thinking I might do between 3-4 miles at the gym. It is wayyyy to cold and windy out to run to the bay :( BOO! I also have my new favorite class at 7:15 ---YOGA! I swear it is only my third week doing yoga and pilates and I can already feel a difference in my body. It is a 75 minute Hatha Yoga class which is perfect for beginners like me! I also might do some stregnth training (Shoulders, Chest, Abs).

Hope you all are having a good day!!

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  1. Cool new blog :-) I just found you through your sister's site! Congrats on begining your yoga jouney! I'm obviously a little yoga obsessed, but that is just awesome!