April 25, 2009

Body Crap Out

I feel like a grandma.

My body is seriously falling apart before my eyes.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I had ACL/Miniscus reconstructive and repair surgery nearly 6 years ago and since the Eagles Cheerleading Try-outs my knee has been swollen. It is a numb pain that gets 100x worse duing/after exercise (duh).

The x-ray of my knee showed "narrowing of the bone" and lots of fluid which made my doctor worried....sooo bring on the MRI. I went for the MRI on friday and am anxiously awaiting the results.

During all this right knee drama, my right ankle began to hurt. I broke this ankle twice resulting in occasional discomfort through the years which I have learned to deal with. I let it slide for the past week and a half assuming it was just tender from overcompenstating my crappy ass knee.

Well my ankle has gotten 10x worse my friends. It is swollen, and actually is way more painful than my knee. It is even tender to the touch. Like a shooting, aching pain...esp. after I exercise (once again DUH).

So now I am forced to get an X-ray of my ankle to see what is going on. I have done some reasearch and I am thinking (worse case scenario) that I have a stress fracture.

I'm sooo annoyed by all this because of a lot of reasons:

1. Who likes to be in pain and injured AHHH!
2. I just started running...and don't want to lose my endurance I have worked so hard to build up.
3. I am scared of what the doctors are going to reccomend/ MAKE me do.
4. I work out everyday. Without working out my life would literally be turned upside down. I would be ONEEEE sad girl if i couldn't work out for awile.

I know you are supposed to listen to your body and allow it to heal and take a break when you are in pain, but I have complelty done the opposite which is so not good. Denial of injury? Yes Sir. I still have been running and working out everyday...just sometimes modifying things if it was unbearable. NOT GOOD. I KNOW I KNOW!

I just want to know whats wrong with me :(

Juice Fast starts tomorrow. I have been feeling bad lately so I need a good cleanse.

After that selfish little tirade of nonsene, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Jenna from Eat, Live, Run for the terrible loss of her little brother. I can't imagine the pain she is going through right now...send her some love.

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