April 21, 2009

Booze, Babies, & Bad Girls

Now that is one random blog title :)
Saturday night my friends and I had a dinner party. We basically just bring whatever we want to munch on, laugh, drink, and talk all night. We were all having so much fun we decided to bring the party out to a bar where other friends were. Teenie, who is 9 months preggers, decided to join us...YES at a bar haha....and her finace' and his friends met us out.

(us with the mommy to be)

(looking at her belly! Cutest prego girl ever)
(way too many LIT"s comsumed that night)

My friends and I closed the bar that night and I ended up getting about an hour of sleep BOOOO! BAD GIRL!

I woke up Sunday morning, NOT feeling so hot...OBVI. The only cure my bestie Christine and I wanted was some diner hangover fuel (aka vegetarian omlets). Then I went home to get ready for Teenie's surprise baby shower and also her fiance' and her surprise engagement party. Although I think some of us might have drunkenly ruined her surprise saturday night...haha....oh well.

The shower/engagement party was beautiful! It was at their house which is right on the water and the decorations made everything so special. They opened presents for honestly 3 hours....sooooo much stuff! Teenie's brother is a chef and his girlfriend is a pastry chef leaving everyone in food heaven! We also played funny baby shower games, and then eventually as the "adults" departed BEER PONG!

(Teenie & I)

(the proposal pose with her ugly shower/engagement vail HAHA)

(diaper race!!! Girls won OF COURSE!)

Andddddd this is how I got home that night..... ;)

So yesterday and today I have been trying to get back to my normal routine: gym, class, work...you know the drill.
Oh and I go for an MRI thursday for my knee. The X-ray results came back and were not promising....ohhhhh geez. Well see what happens. Wish me luck!


  1. looks like a great weekend! Hope your knee gets better soon :)

  2. ah good luck with your knee girl!! im thinkin of you!

  3. jelly bellys.... who ate themmmmmmmmm