April 15, 2009

Romantic Rain

It has been quite the stereotypical rainy april here at the jersey shore. The past two days it has been nothing but downpours, high winds, and gray skies. It isn't pleasant to walk to class in ARGH! but sometimes I welcome the rain. It makes me feel mellow and want to cuddle with someone!!!

Like Edward Cullen!!! I finally watched Twilight with my sister the other night and I have fallen madly in love with that hot vampire Edward. Although I didn't read Twilight (yet I swear I am soon!) I really loved the love story and how romantic and dark the movie was. Perfect type of movie to watch with all this gloomy weather.

I'm super sore from the past couple days of workouts. Def. dreading the shred today...but I will gut it out. I do level 3 on most days but have been switching it up every now and then to the other levels just to not get bored. I'm on day 16!

I also plan on going to Zumba after classes (barfffff), and then swimming with my friendies! One of my best friends is nearly 9 months pregnant so swimming is obviously her exercise of choice and I figured I would join.

I made the most delicious fruit juice this morning:
1 mango
2 apples
5 strawberries

The mango makes the juice thicken creating a smoothie like texture...mmmmm. Mango is my favorite fruit to juice!

As far as weight loss goes I have stayed pretty much the same the past couple weeks. Damn you easter candy ;). I am really motivated right now though to stick to my healthy eating EVERY DAY which is the only way to see results. I'm going to continue with my juicing at least once a day. Only a couple more pounds to go before my goal :)!

I'm off to go get ready for classes. Sighhhhh...

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