April 6, 2009

5k Recap!!

Saturday was my first race EVER and I absolutely loved every second of it---minus the 40mph winds ;).

The Ship Bottom Sprint for Life was held on the beautiful Long Beach Island, NJ. My sister and I got there around 10am, picked up our numbers and free stuff (woo hoo), and then waited till around 12:00 to head out of our car and brave the winds to warm up.

(Before the race-our hair shows just how windy it was!)

Our parents came to support us---so nice of them! While we warmed up they gave us some encouraging words, and before I knew it it was almost 12:30 so we walked to the starting line.

(my sis, dad, & me)

The race had around 400 participants and the course went through some winding residential neighborhoods right on the bay-making us even more vulnerable to the raging winds.

I had my Ipod "Run" playlist ready and took off at the sound of the gun.
I decided to get ahead of most of the crowd just so I had some breathing room. I felt pretty good the first mile and even took advantage of the tall men in front of me who blocked some of the wind-haha.

Before I knew it I was almost at mile 2 and I was at a really comfortable pace! I had no idea what my pace was exactly because I have no garmin and didn't set my stopwatch on my Ipod. After turning down a side road we began to make our way back to the start. I saw my sister, who was only a few minutes behind me....we slapped 5 when we passed eachother!

At mile 2.6 I picked up my pace a little
. My chest felt heavy with congestion which would sometimes nearly make me choke..yuck. But the competitive side of me pushed me to pass a couple people I had paced with for most of the race. Woo hoo!

Finally, the home stretch
...I saw my mom and dad and the crowd cheering everyone on! Then I saw the clock ticking....I realized I could beat my personal record and come in under 25:00 if i sprinted to the finish line.

(almost at the finish line!)

I did it!!! My official time was 24:58 averaging a pace of 8:02 mile-a personal best even with the horrible winds!

I wasn't expecting much because it was my first race and I just started running/training 11 weeks ago. I honestly just wanted to do my best and hopefully finish at a decent time. I think I accomplished my goals so I'm thrilled!

(Right after crossing the finish line-happppy!)

Erin finished soon after and clocked in at 32:10 which is amazing! She JUST started running recently and I am so proud of her!

We chatted with our parents and then headed over to see the results that were posted. I ended up coming in 68th place out of approx. 400 runners.

I knew they were giving away awards for the top 3 male and female runners in various age groups (mine is 20-24) but I wasn't expecting anything.

All of the sudden they called my name for 2nd place in my age group! YAYY!

(I was completely surprised!)

My sis and I haddddd to celebrate so we stopped by the after party for some delish beers and not so delish food. Whatever...I was and STILL AM on cloud 9!

The celebration continued with my girlfriends and I that night. We went out for drinks and went to a party. All in all...the PERFECT day!

When I started running in January, I would have laughed at you if you told me I would win an award at my first race. I tend to be really hard on myself so this race really opened my eyes and forced me to appreciate all the hard work I have done.

I'm beat!!! I had classes all morning and then my sister and I had a marathon of a workout today:
-3.4 mile run
-30 day shred Level 3 (going to shred everyday!-I'm on day day 7)
-1 hour Cardio Strength Class
-75 minute Yoga Class)

My knee that had ACL and miniscus repair surgery a couple years back has been hurting/swollen since the eagles try-outs :(. I have doctors appt. tomorrow EKKKK! I'm so scared!

Check out this Danskin give-away! Please please let me winnnnn!

Later loves:)

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  1. Congrats girl!
    ps I love that pink jacket you wore for the race :)