March 31, 2009

Eagles Cheerleading Try-outs & The 30 Day Shred

(edit: I added pics and a link to a great give-away!)
Well I survived the eagles cheerleading try-outs!
It was a very nerve-racking but fun experience!
My girlfriends and I got to Lincoln Financial Field at 8:30ish-before most of the others (400+ girls AHHH!)

(in the car...wasting some time...)
Once the doors opened, we filled out paperwork, got numbers ( I was 219!) and then were split into two groups. Each group learned a short dance and then waited anxiously to peform in front of two groups of judges in groups of 5.
My friends and I were so nervous! I kept practicing the dance over and over in the hopes I wouldn't freeze and look like an idiot in front of the judges- you only get one first impression!!!
Before I knew it, my group was up and we went into the judging room.
It was INTENSE. I have competed in dance & cheer competitions before...but this was more intimate-I could see the judges literally looking me up and down....AHH! I forgot some of the moves but managed to make it through the dance okay! My friends weren't so lucky: Two of them froze and forgot half the dance, and my other friend had another girl fall into her and mess her up. Booo!!
(right after round one)
We then waited for the judges to make the cuts. They were announcing the numbers that made it to the next round (150 out of 400 girls would move on).
(waitingggggg w/ my loves)
My number was called YAYY! I made it to round two!!!! My friends unfortunatly didn't make it but were happy for me.
I then got a new number (97!) and was immediately sent to go through that entire process again. I did muchhhhh better the second time-but there was sooo much competition!

The girls that make the 2nd cut move onto semi-finals (about 60 girls)...and sadly-my number wasn't called. WAHHHH! I felt really dissapointed....I still do actually. SIGH. But I'm glad my friends were there to cheer me up.

All in all, I loved the experience and now I know what to expect. I have more of a sense of what the organization is looking for-so I think I will def. try-out again next year.

Needless to say my friends and I drank our sorrows away saturday night and I had a litttttle too much fun ;). Well worth it though.

(at the bar of course haha)
Juice Fast
My Juice fast stopped saturday-I was dancing for 6 hours straight so I ate a Pro-Bar (LOVE THEM) at the try-outs and since then I have eaten normally. I really want to complete a substantial fast (more than just a couple days) but lately my work-outs have ruined that plan. I have the 5k sat. so I don't think a consecutive fast is going to happen this week. Oh well. NEXT WEEK! My dad is actually on day 6 of his current juice fast-he is a rockstar!

The 30 Day Shred
SPEAKING OF ROCKSTARS! Today I finalllllly got to try Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred DVD! But shhhhh I got it from YouTube, which apparently has all her dvds. HOORAY for free things :).

Being the dare-devil that I am I decided to start with Level 3!

The Verdict:
I really enjoyed the video but I think it is more for cardio and light toning as opposed to building muscles. I prefer heavier weight training but I would supplement this video on light work-out days.

Those damn rockstar jumps were tough! I loved all the planks she did and the traveling push ups were nice too. I also liked how quick it was! Go Jillian!

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I have to rush off- you know how it is ;)

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  1. wow its impressive that you made it to round 2! I am definitely watching it on youtube, as college students I think we can justify doing stuff like that.