March 22, 2009

"Last Chance Workout!!!"

I keep picturing Jillian and Bob from the Biggest Loser yelling that at me when I am at the gym lately!

I have been pushing myself hard that past couple weeks at the gym in prepartion for the Philiadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Try-outs this saturday!!! I am super excited/nervous. We have to wear lycra shorts and a sports bra EEEK! and perform a dance in front of judges then there will be eliminations. I think I have worked really hard the past couple months with my eating and workouts and despite a few binges here and there I have stuck to my March goals. So wish me luck!

Also, my first race is also almost here- 13 days away! My 5k training the past week has been long runs...but I feel okay about that. I can't wait!

My spring break has been sooooo nice. I hung out with friends & family, worked a lot, and didn't think about homework once! I will post some fun pics soon-im rushing as usual right now.Unfortunately I start classes again tomorrow NOOOO! Blah-only about 1 more month of school till summer break :)

I am starting a juice fast tomorrow. I have been juice fasting at my leisure this month but starting tomorrow I am def going to go for at least a week straight. We just got sooo much yummy produce mmmmmm.

I'm going to see a movie tonight so i have to go get ready! sorry for the rushed post and lack of comments- i have just been super busy. Expect more of me soon!!!

Peace and Love

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  1. GOOD LUCK! you will be FABULOUS!