March 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Sorry for being M.I.A-I have been super busy studying for midterms, doing papers, & homework galore-blah. We also had a HUGGGGE snowstorm sunday-monday soo I HAD to play in the snow on a snow day!!! Let me attempt to recap my crazy past couple days:

Saturday: My friends birthday party was really fun...except for me getting way way too drunk. All I can say is thank god for my sister who helped calm my drunk booty down. I was a mess. Ugh I hate when I get like that...BOOOO.

Sunday: Since we slept up north, we had to drive home (8 am to be exact AHH!) and I was SOOOO HUNGOVER ALL DAY. It was one of those hangovers that get worse at the day goes on. I didn't go to the gym AGAIN-that made two days in a row-and basically laid around allll dayy and night.

Monday: Woke up to a foot of snow on the ground and thankfully my college was closed for the day. WOOO HOO! I shoveled snow around my house and played w/ my sister Erin for a little bit. Our cable was out because a tree fell and cut the satellite line-so my mom, sis, and I played trivial pursuit I LOVE trivia- I won of course lol haha! Then I drove to my friends house with my 4 wheel drive (about the only thing my jeep is good for) and we went towing through trails by my house. For those of you civilized people, towing means we tie a rope to a truck and attach the other end to something we can all fit in...this time it was a little boat. haha. My friend then rips around the turns in an effort to flip us....haha dangerous YES....but fun...HELL YEAH! Here are some pics of the fun!

My backyard - So pretty!

Me jumping into "my pile" I made while shoveling- HAHA

My friends getting the boat ready....

Our view from the boat (aka "the redneck sleigh-ride" haha) while being towed!

I took this pic while sitting in the back of the truck-my friends about to flip lol.

Tuesday: I woke up to a body that felt like it had been through a car accident. I am bruised and achey everywhere thanks to all my playing on Monday. It was worth it though! I ran a bunch of errands, and FINALLY went to the gym! Three days off of the gym was killer for me. Here is my work-out:

*30 minutes Eliptical on Interval Program
*Shoulders (4 exercises w/ free weights)
*Chest (Push-Ups and Bench Press)
*Abs (5 exercises)

Distance: 2.0 miles
Time: 16:14
Calories: Approx. 212
Avg MPH: 7.39
Pace: 8:06/mile

I plan to have one long run each week. This weeks will be a 6 miler- AHHH! I wanted to update more (my March goals/giving up for lent) but I have to get ready for class. I plan on going to Zumba and maybe Yoga tonight and maybe a run and leg workout. I have a lot of homework to do too! I updated my weight loss story....I'm still learning how to work this blog stuff so for now it is just in a post below.

See ya later!


  1. such fun snow pics! love snow days!! oh and i am the WORST at trivial pursuit. you'd kick my booty

  2. Ok this is really weird, I was commenting over at Itzy's kitchen and saw your picture and thought you looked like my old roommate from college. When i clicked on your page I saw the pic of you and your sister and realized your Erin's little sister! So Random! Tell Erin I said Hi! I lived with her sophomore year, and my name's Danielle.