March 26, 2009

Bring on the Bikini!

I decided to participate in Angela from Oh She Glows Bikini Body Boot Camp Challenge! I hope to look as good as the disturbingly perfect Marissa Miller in a bikini by June 1st.

HAAAAA---Heyyyy a girl can dream right? ;) All joking aside, I want to do this challenge just for kicks; it's something new, and I'm all about variety with my exercises.

If you are also interested in participating in this fun challenge head over to Angela's inspiring blog now and shoot her an email.

Today I have no work or class making me one happy girl. I went to Zumba this morning w/ my sis for a super fun workout- always is! We also did 4 ab exercises after the class.

Juice Fast: Day 2 & 3
Yesterday I was running around all day which didn't leave much time for juicing. I was hungry making it a pretty tough day overall- I made it though!

I woke up this morning & felt good...was craving some juice! So after the gym I made a yummy vegetable concoction:

-1 beet
-1 apple
-5 kale leaves
-handful of cabbage
-1/4 green pepper
-4 romaine leaves
-4 med. sized carrots

This yielded a little less than 1 quart of juice. It was creamy and satisfying!

The rest of my day will consist of lots of errands, studying, homework, strength training class at 7pm, a run? and maybe shoulders & chest, and some relaxinggggg.

Happy Thursday :)


  1. that juice sounds great minus the beet lol...

  2. Oh that challenge looks fun! I'm thinking about joining... Your juice sounds very healthy. Do you add anything to sweeten it, or does it come out tasting good as is?