March 6, 2009

Homework Blues

I'm happy it's friday-yet not really looking forward to my weekend full of work, papers, and studying. Booooo!

Wednesday night I went to Yoga and Zumba & also did an INTENSE leg workout along w/ some abs and chest. It was a new yoga class for me and was really challenging-fast paced! I liked it though. After the gym, I went to my friends house to hang (also had a couple shots of 99 bananas EW & a glass of red).

Thursday, I woke up feeling SLIGHTLY crappy & very sleepy. I forced myself to go to Zumba ( I can't get enough!) at 9:30 even though all I wanted to do was curl into my bed and sleeeep. After Zumba, I did Biceps and Triceps-I wanted to run but decided to just go back to the gym after work when I knew I would be feeling better.

I stopped at the health food store (no whole foods or trader joe's or anything like that within an hour of my town :( !!) to get some delicious things. Here is some of my goodies:
(unsweetened applesauce, original puffins, goat cheese, coconut water, unsweetened coconut, bars, dark chocolate, Amy's Soup, Kashi Autumn Wheat, fruit leather, Synergy drinks, organic dried fruit, feta cheese, tea)

While preparing my lunch, I gulped down my favorite Synergy drink- ginger. I had a spinnach salad w/ shrooms, peppers, feta cheese, cabbage, sprouts & a tbsp. of Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing. I also decided to try a new soup, Amy's Split Pea- I had one cup and could have easily had 5 more-i loved the creamy good.

Work came next, but only for a couple hours wooo hoo! I went straight to the gym after work to get my run in. Here are my stats:

Distance: 4.0 miles

Time: 36:08

Calories: Approx. 417

Avg. MPH: 6.64

Pace: 9:01/mile

It was a really sweaty run. Afterwards I was soaked & hungry! I rushed home & made some dinner- a mini pizza! I used half an ezekiel tortilla w/ some tomato sauce, spinnach, goat cheese, mushrooms, tsp. of minced garlic, lots of oregano. & 2 oz of grilled chicken. Baked it in the oven for about 12 minutes and then gobbled it up. Desert was some dried fruit and 3 pieces of dark chocolate.

I had a midterm and classes this morning...YUCK. I got home from classes and made a lean cuisine (chicken primavera)-I just wanted something quick and easy. I am beat! I plan on heading to the gym soon to do some cardio, back & abs. Then it will probably be a low key night for me full of schoolwork & cleaning and maybe an update on here later.

Spring is almost here-most of the snow we got the other day has melted. BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER!!!


  1. I'm posting your 5 questions here sista...

    Would you rather live in a city or countryside?

    When you hear the words, "craziest night ever", what night comes to mind in your life?

    Do you believe in fate or coincidence?

    Who's personality do you think you embody the most between your Mom and Dad? (hahaha)

    Love you,

  2. I hope your school blues go away soon. I was convinced that I was going to flunk one of my classes and ruin my chances of getting into the Masters program I want, but I'm still surviving so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!!!