March 23, 2009

Waiting to Exhale...

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Ever have one of those days where anything/everything could will you to tears?! That was me today :(!!! With so much on my plate right now-school, work has been really busy, gym time, dieting, try-outs, races, trying to have a social life-blah blah blah. I admit I have let my daily stresses get to me lately. And I apologize if I have been a total debbie downer, I just need to vent!

Thankfully I have glorious yoga which reminds me to take a deeeep breath and transport me back to my happy place. My yoga class tonight snapped me back into reality and allowed me to totally decompress. I think my head would have popped off without it to be honest!

Rewind to this moring...I had classes all morning/afternoon (barf), then cleaned my entire room. I got rid of so much clothes yayyy! Bring on new spring things haha! I made some delish juice (fruit) and ended up eating some kashi cereal w/ dried fruit- was too hungry to start fast today---damn you Stressssssssss!

Next I hit up the gym for a serious workout:

Eliptical: Interval Program, 30 minutes
Treadmill: 15 minutes, 15 incline
Yoga: 75 minutes
Weights: Biceps ( 4 exercises), Triceps (4 exercise), Abs (3 exercise)

I was at the gym foreverrrrrrr. I just got home a little bit ago and am ready to just relax...but even after yoga- my mind is still racing with all the crap I need to get done. SIGHHHHH.

On a happy note, here are a few pics from some of my recent fun nights out:

(notice the hand placement hahahah -we aren't shy!)

(the next two pics are from my friends bday bash the other weekend)

Thank god for friends ♥.

Tomorrows plan includes gym in the morning, errands, trying to find a top for my try-outs, then work till late. Juice fast tomorrow? I hope so. Well see how I feel though....

I'm off to go chill....maybe watch the Big Love Finale I missed last night!?! Later Loves.

P.S- If you love barney butter check out this give-away at the hungry yogini- i want ittttt!

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  1. *Hugs* I hope you can de-stress soon. I know exactly what you mean!! You can do it! (just keep repeating that to yourself and it will help)