March 11, 2009


Helllllloooo! I'm back! Craziness at school has subsided for now. YAHOO! Spring Break starts this friday after my two morning classes- then FREEDOM (well I still have work but who cares).

I won't recap the past 5 days because frankly you would die of boredom- just think sleep/class/ work/eat/gym/homework/sleep. I did manage to get a decent work out in every day, have some good "intuitive eating" days & a few bad ones : ( , & also had a really fun night out with my sister Erin & our friends saturday. Here are some pics from sat....

(w/ my best friends (since we were like 5yrs old!)

(me & my sister)

(I just can't resist a dirty martini ♥)

Speaking of intuitve eating, here are some of my Goals for March:

- Intuitive Eating (only eat when hungry, stop when full, correct portions)
- Add to weekly running mileage (more on that below)
- Keep Room clean (haaaa has not happened yet)
- Yoga/Pilates at least once a week

- No getting wasted= No hangovers= Energentic Happy Productive Dana! (haha)
- Log all daily food intake onto sparkpeople
- Finish Library Books (almost done!!!)

I love making lists of monthly goals, whether it has to do with exercise, diet, or life in general-it helps me stay focused.

Goals so far......

I have logged my daily food intakes almost everyday (gold star for me), unfotch my room is still a mess (bad girl arghhh), and so far this month I have not had any hangovers YAY ;) . I finished my library book, Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut"- SOO GOOD & INSPRIRING-& am almost done "The Eat- Clean Diet Workout" by Tosca Reno.

Intuitive eating has been going much better than I expected. Depsite about 3 days of "non-intuitive" eating- I am pretty proud of myself and I would say I am on the right track to finally understanding and listening to my body/hunger.

I must admit. I have totally fallen in love with Yoga. I literally can't wait till monday just because it is my favorite yoga class with the BEST instructor at my gym. I have only done pilates once-but I have done yoga at least once a week so far. Wooot Wooo!

NOWWWW my training schedule for the half marathon....wait...

what's that you say?

...the marathon is full and registration is closed?!?!?!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes, sad but true. I checked the website today & saw this horrible news. My friend and I are super bummed- but hey there are other races out there! I just started looking into adventure racing (running, mountain biking, kayacking, repelling SOOO EXCITING!)-And I must admit I feel slightly relieved that I will have more time to train now for longer races. I'm still going to try to up my weekly milage!

After my classes today I went for a run w/ my dad and sis on our normal scenic neighborhood route (3.4 miles). Then Erin and I went to Zumba & did Ab's, Back, and Chest. I just ate some unsatisfying dinner (yuck). Don't you hate that? Nothing looked appetizing & my mind was at a blank for what to make with our very minimal ingrediants ( food shopping soon).

I'm off to clean my room SAVE ME NOW, make a list of my wants and needs for spring- I'm talking about clothing shoes and accessories!!!!, & maybe something for my sweet tooth soon :-).

P.S.- I decided to take part in the Interview Post-type things that are floating around the blog world. My sister sent these to we goooo:

Would you rather live in a city or countryside?

This is a toughie...I adore the fast paced, convience of cities. Everything and anything is at your fingertips! But I think I would prefer to "live" in the countryside. I love the outdoors and nature too much.

When you hear the words, "craziest night ever", what night comes to mind in your life?

This past summer was one continuous "crazy night". I turned 21 in July, and about 10 of my friends also celebrated 21st bdays this summer. INSANITY! Some highlights include: drunken bike falls, drunken parasailing (I highly recomend this!), "Sand-bar Sundays" on my friends boat, nights NO ONE can remember (only by pictures) in Atlantic City, and of course some of the funniest memories of my life!

Do you believe in fate or coincidence?

I like to think that I believe in fate. I hope things happen because they were meant to not just because. How utterly un-romantic is coincidence?!

Who's personality do you think you embody the most between your Mom and Dad? (hahaha)

Haha! Well I think I inherited most of my dads personality more so than my moms. My dad and I both are both strong willed, messy to the extreme, watch the same movies over and over, eat bites of things all day instead of meals (TRYING TO STOP THIS HABIT HAHA), and are stubborn. I do think I have my a little bit of my moms sensitve nature though!

if you would like to be interviewed, here's how to particiapte:

1. leave me a comment saying, “Interview me!”

2. i will respond by emailing you five questions. i get to pick the questions.

3. update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. when others comment asking to be interviewed, you get to ask them five questions

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  1. oh mymy. your sister's blog said check out yours. hahaha, so i did. I just want to say that TODAYS FRIDAY AND SPRING BREAK IS HERE. YESSSSSSSSS! I'M EXCITED TOO.